Travel Guide Oslo

Oslo definitely surprised me with its mix of classic and modern architecture, calm vibe and lush greenery. Yes, it is expensive, but not to the extent that you’ll end up selling your kidneys to get back home. In this travel guide I share my tips on how you can spend a weekend in Oslo.  Continue reading Travel Guide Oslo

Best Instagrammable places in Galway

Winding lanes lined with colorful shopfronts, and the Atlantic and Cliffs of Moher right around the corner, make Galway one of Ireland’s most picturesque cities. I love finding spots that show the essence of a city well and, which may sound superficial, make a good photo for Instagram. So here are my picks of the best Instagrammable places in Galway.  Continue reading Best Instagrammable places in Galway

How to spend 48 hours in Stockholm

I spent 48 hours in Stockholm and learned that the capital of Sweden is gorgeous, its inhabitants are the most stylish and beautiful people that I’ve seen in my life ( they truly turn the streets into catwalks) and Fika should be a thing in every country. Stockholm definitely captured my heart and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it too. Here’s how you can spend 48 hours in the Venice of the North. Continue reading How to spend 48 hours in Stockholm