How to spend an afternoon in Grünerløkka,Oslo

Grünerløkka was once a gritty industrial area down by the river Akerselva, but now it’s one of the trendiest districts of Oslo. It has become a hub for art galleries, cool bars, independent and vintage clothing stores, and great coffee shops. Colorful murals by local and international street artists brighten up the streets. This hipster neighborhood (is hipster still a thing?) is perfect for an afternoon stroll. Here are a few things you can do in Grünerløkka on an afternoon.

Retrolykke Kaffebar

Get a generous cup of ‘retroness’ at this cute coffee shop. This is the perfect place for any retro lover as this is a coffee shop and second-hand store in one. Basically, you can buy most items that are decorating the café. They serve great waffles too!

Address: 33 Markveien


Vintage Treasures

Who doesn’t enjoy a little retail therapy while traveling? One of the most gratifying things about traveling is getting to shop cool, small boutiques in a city that you don’t call home. The sense of excitement, and above all else, the fun that comes from browsing and discovering labels you’ve never seen before is reason enough to board a plane.

Along the streets Markveien and Thorwald Meyers Gate you will find a plethora of shops specialized in vintage clothing and selling unique gifts. The two shops Frøken Diana’s Salonger and Velouria Vintage are worth checking out.



Visit a Sunday market

Why not rummage through the stalls at the Birkelunden flea market on a Sunday? It’s a real thrifters’ paradise. Its focus is mostly on antiques and vintage items, but you can also get your hands on second-hand clothes and kitchenware. The park is surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants, so finding a nice cuppa afterward is rarely a problem.

While you’re at it, head to the craft market at Blå, just across the river on Brenneriveien. The market takes place both inside and outside of the area’s revamped industrial buildings. Blå is also a cool Jazz club at night and bar by day, so why not stick around and treat yourself a drink.


Stroll along the river Akerselva

Akerselva river is called “Oslo´s green lung” and is great for a walk. The river starts at Maridalsvannet and flows all the way down to the center of Oslo. The walk itself is 8 kilometers long and takes you past forested areas, fishing spots, waterfalls and old brick factory buildings.

Foodie Heaven

The Mathallen in Grünerløkka is a food lover’s paradise, with vendors selling everything from coffee and wine, to sausages, meats, fish and fresh produce. Mathallen is also home to several restaurants.

Address: Vulkan 5



Street Art Paradise

Grünerløkka is a street art paradise, especially the area around Hausmann’s Gate, Brenneriveien, Nordre Gate and Nedre Gate are transformed by local and international artists.



Visit Oslo Botanical Garden

The Oslo Botanical Garden is one of the best places in the city to spend a sunny or cold day. The Botanical Garden, founded in 1814, is an oasis in east Oslo, home to exotic plants such as cacti, orchids, and palms.

Address: Sars gate 1


But Oslo has so much more to offer. In this Oslo travel guide, I give you tips on how you can spend a weekend in Oslo. 

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